Study Forever Craps One of The Most Exciting Casino Game

Study Forever Craps One of The Most Exciting Casino Game

17.04.2018 casino tips

Study Forever Craps

I finally found the time to study Forever Craps. It got me thinking that indeed a majority of my losing sessions are attributable to the poor results of betting on other shooters. Hence, I am stongly considering trying one of the strategies in your book, specifically going up on three numbers with Come bets. This means making Come bets on the 3-, 4-, and 5-counts. Question: Do I still go for three numbers if one my Come bets falls to craps?

I am planning to wait for the 5-count before taking odds on any number, and then

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taking single odds on all three. If I get a hit I would then bump my remaining two numbers to double odds. (As you may have guessed I like winning progressions.)

I’m glad you’re enjoying the book. As far as the first question, since you have a two-to-one edge on that initial Come placement, there’s no reason not to go up on it even after a craps took the last one off. Overall, the initial placement of the Come wins you money.


As far as doing a progression, I see nothing wrong in that. However, I would not start the progression until I had won some money. So maybe three hits and then start moving the bets up slowly.

The unasked question but the implied one is this – yes, you should seriously consider working on your shooting technique. It can’t hurt to do this, it can only help. As you roll keep mental track of the dice faces that tend to come up. It might take months or years to get it right, that is to become a true “rhythmic roller,” but if you’re going to be playing anyway, why not do it?

All the best in and out of the casinos!