New Gambling Appointments

New Gambling Appointments

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Future Regulator Of British Internet And Land Based Gambling Set To Make New Appointments

A number of new senior appointments have been recently announced by the UK Gambling Commission. Starting in the New Year, Hazel Canter will join as Director of Licensing and Compliance. She will oversee teams ensuring industry conformance to the provisions of the Gambling Act 2018 and performing the licensing of gambling operators and their personnel. Her previous position was to help in the setting of Ofcom.  Since 2003, she had been the Partner in charge of Licensing.

At the same time, Andrew Lyman plans to join at the same time functioning as Head of Enforcement. It will be his job to establish within the Commission, a new enforcement team that will take action against illegal gambling.  It will also be his job to prosecute Gambling Act offences, to pursue regulatory actions as is necessary, against licensed operators and against individuals; and to keep up close working relations with the police and with other law enforcement agencies. Lyman is a qualified solicitor who is currently working with the Financial Services Authority’s Enforcement Division.


In February 2006, Bill Butler will be coming into the Commission as Director of Corporate Services. He will be heading up the Finance, HR and IT departments. Bill currently is employed as Head of Finance at the Healthcare Commission.  In this position he is responsible for the establishment and implementation of all aspects of financial management and strategy, as well as negotiating funding with government agencies and setting up charging regimes.

In February, Lynne Duffill will also be joining as the Head of Human Resources. As the Commission expands its staff from a group of 40 staff that are presently based in London, by the time it is fully up and running she will be managing a major recruitment campaign directed at over 250 head office and field personnel in Birmingham. She is currently working at Advantage West Midlands as Head of HR.

Chief Executive Jenny Williams when announcing the new appointments, said that this was an particularly electrifying time for the Gambling Commission. The challenge, Williams said, was to establish the new organization virtually from scratch, in Birmingham, including recruiting staff, implementing new processes and IT systems, and developing new working practices and policies in time for the Gambling Act of 2017 to be brought completely into effect by the end of 2018.

Williams reported being delighted to have such a strong executive team helping in this work. Williams said that joining the Commission right at the beginning provides a rare chance to help design a main innovative public sector organization, to establish creative relationships with all of its shareholders, and to play a most important part in forming its culture and philosophy.

The Gambling Commission has taken over the function until that time played by the Gaming Board in the regulation of lotteries, casinos, gaming machines, and bingo. In addition to this it has the responsibility for the regulation of remote gambling and betting. It will establish the new conditions by which licenses will be granted to gambling operators and will staff and issue new codes of practice, and will maintain important new legal powers to supervise the industry and to take legal action against illegal gambling. In addition it will advise central and local government regarding issues connected with gambling.