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Prefer the proper sign-up bonus in internet casino

Some of those poker bonuses proposed by online casinos are offered to new poker players after they transmute a deposit while others are offered after signing up at the online poker site. …
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Roulette: history and rules of the casino game

Roulette: history and rules of the most exciting casino game The origin of Roulette is lost for ever, even in Roman times, albeit with a decidedly different from the modern roulette, as the legionaries used a rudimentary form of fun with the game that was running a shield. Over the centuries, there have been further…
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New Gambling Appointments

Future Regulator Of British Internet And Land Based Gambling Set To Make New Appointments A number of new senior appointments have been recently announced by the UK Gambling Commission. Starting in the New Year, Hazel Canter will join as Director of Licensing and Compliance. She will oversee teams ensuring industry conformance to the provisions of…
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Craps, history and rules

Craps, history and rules History of Craps is as old as humanity itself. In fact, the evidence dice games are traceable since prehistoric times. The evolution of craps is then articulated over millennia, up to the present-day version of the game as we find in the casinos on the internet. The origins The history of…
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Blackjack rules cards

Blackjack: rules to win

Blackjack: rules to win The origin of Blackjack, also known in Italy as 21, must be sought in the ancient games of Spanish, French and Italian, which are very similar. Already in the history books of the eleventh century, we find hints of card games whose purpose was to achieve a certain total value, and…
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Ace cards

Readers React to The Taxman Gambling Cometh

Readers React to The Taxman Gambling Cometh The reader likened playing 50 Play to playing 50 individual hands. If none was $1,200 or more, the casino would not be required to file a tax form. The IRS, unfortunately, doesn’t agree. Even though you see 50 hands at once on 50 Play, the IRS regards it…
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Study Forever Craps One of The Most Exciting Casino Game

Study Forever Craps I finally found the time to study Forever Craps. It got me thinking that indeed a majority of my losing sessions are attributable to the poor results of betting on other shooters. Hence, I am stongly considering trying one of the strategies in your book, specifically going up on three numbers with…
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